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Inscribed Landscape

Hoxton Gallery 59 Old Street EC1V 9HX 4th- 14th November, 2015 12:00- 20:00 hrs Inscribed Landscape A year of thought on how the walls of London act as a reflection of such a cosmopolitan city, out of one kind of identity comes a new different identity; Londoners’ relations with culture and consumption, in the contemporary perspective of the art as an asset where you can invest and earn money selling art, even the artwork created under illegal status is on the markets today. From this perspective, I rethought the roots of he Mexican graffiti, of course the LA and NY style are in the Mexican artists’ style, but a big and political point of view is in their work as well. It is a part of the Mexican printmaking heritage, as one of the first political uses of the printmaking in revolutionary movements in the Anarchist Mexican Revolution. The exhibition will act as a point of artistic exchange and dialogue between Mexican artists and the London street art community, showcasing emerging talents in a unique collaboration, coinciding with the Dual Year Mexico - UK. Employing a wide range of techniques and styles, including woodcut, painting, etching, heliographics and photography, the works in dis/appear reflect the changing landscape of contemporary Mexico and its deep relation with traditional technics. Pablo Angel Lugo Curator

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