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Open Studio 2014

The next 8th November is my Open Studio 2014, in my place, see you here!

Pablo Angel Lugo is a Mexican contemporary artist who developed his artistic language using icons from different cultures. Impressions from his life in Mexico and extended stays in Spain, France and London have become part of his artistic canon of 'global images based on local characters'. His work is definitely not free of satire, black humour, and truly anarchist whilst showing technical perfection and refined craftsmanship. Pablo Angel Lugo's open studio gives the opportunity to gain insights into his artistic work. He opens his home and workshop to present his artworks, works in progress, and future projects in the context of his daily life. The works at display will be drawings, models, sculptures, and documentations of interventions in the public space with as common themes Emotions and What is Necessary to be a Human Being.


#openstudio #publicart #artprojects

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